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Before I took the ISQ exams, I heard a lot about how difficult the exams is and I experienced a lot of people take the test multiple times without success. after going through the class with refined Inspection Services, I was able to gather all the basics that I needed and was able to pass the test. If you really want to pass the ISQ exam, consider visiting refined


*****5 Stars of Excellence. Theo Young offers an outstanding course and is an amazing instructor. If you are looking for a class to help you pass the ASNT ISQ UTT Test and further your knowledge in the Ultrasonic Testing Field, then this is the best class. Mr. Young teaches in a way that anyone can relate to and understand. The practical is like nothing I have ever experienced in an NDE classroom setting, It is like having a one-on-one session with the most knowledgeable instructor in the UTT field.

Mr. Young is a knowledgable and dependable Level III. Pro has utilized Refined's REACT program and are very satisfied with the support we have received.

Michael Vigne
Pro Inspection Services

Carrier hired Mr. Young as our level III consultant to utilize in our ASME work. I was impressed with his level of knowledge, ability and willingness to go the extra mile to help me with my processes and procedure. If you are looking to have someone to help you meet your goals and be successful Mr. Young is the team mate you need.

Charles Stirling

Mr. Theo Young is the type of instructor who teaches with the intent of the students learning the subject matter. I've had instructors in the past, who taught simply to display how much they know, without regard for students seeking to learn.


Refined Inspection Services and Mr. Young have become an essential variable to our team. Being a small business, Mr. Young has crafted a program that fits our budget and has delivered each and every time with service that is second to none. We look forward to many years of working together with Refined!

Mr. Theo Young is the greatest API 570 instructor I have ever had. The way he takes time to help everyone understand with visuals throughout his unique power points helps everyone truly understand what is being given in the code. The extra quizzes, homework, and tests help you be confident in passing the exam. Mr. Young always went out of his way to show up early and stay late, leaving the doors open for questions at any time. I just hope he starts 510 soon.

Jonathan Fackler
Calumet Lubricants

Mr. Young is very knowledgeable in his department as well as an inspiration in this industry. Being an ex co-worker of mine and a dear friend I would work for and with him any time. If inspection services/consulting is what your looking for then you came to the right place. He's a great teacher and many great students will definitely come out of his classroom.

Michael Gonzalez
Exxon Mobil Inspection Group

Mr. Young is a very knowledgeable Lvl III across the board. He helped our company out immensely in the past with procedures and testing. I highly recommend his services.

Marshall Doreen

I took the ISQ prep course through Refined , Theo Young is by far one of the best and most knowledgeable instructors I’ve ever met. I would highly recommend anyone planning on taking the ISQ to take their course. I will say this though, make sure that you are prepared and know your UTT meter and it’s functions well as it will make the course easier.

Robert Marsh
Acuren Inspection

Mr. Young performed beyond expectations on a major capital project, his knowledge of standards and ability to quickly grasp company specifications was key to completing the project on time. His ability to take on multiple roles throughout the changing phases of a capital project and NDE knowledge was greatly appreciated.

Dean Rueter
Oil Refining

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