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With today’s demands of delivering a quality product within project deadlines, we have determined that often times projects are delayed due to a misinterpretation between Code compliance and general accepted industry practices. For this reason, Refined Inspection Services was founded in hopes to educate and/ or supply experienced inspectors who have the ability to inform our customers of these differences and how they affect their ability to meet those deadlines.
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It is our continued commitment to quality that inspires our objective to deliver exceptional direction, superior service, and a quality product that maximizes profitability and meets project deadlines.

At Refined, we are passionate about how we L.E.A.D:

L= We LISTEN to our customers’ needs,

E= Then we EXCEED our customer’s expectations,

A= By ALIGNING ourselves with our customer’s goal,

D= and then DELIVERING a strategy that is both feasible and cost-effective.