About Us




With today’s demands of delivering a quality product within project deadlines, we have determined that often times projects are delayed due to a misinterpretation between Code compliance and general accepted industry practices.  For this reason, Refined Inspection Services  was founded in hopes to educate and/ or supply experienced inspectors who have the ability  to inform our customers of these differences and how they effect their ability to meet those deadlines.



our Objectives


It is our continued commitment to Quality that inspires our objective to provide our clients with an accurate and punctual response to their technical inquires while acknowledging their need to maintain profitability.

Core Values

At Refined, we are passionate about how we L.E.A.D: L= We LISTEN to our customers’ needs, E= Then we EXCEED our customer’s expectations, A= By ALIGNING ourselves with our customer’s Goal, D= and then DELIVERING a strategy that is both feasible and inexpensive.


To aid our customers in delivering a quality product within project deadlines.