• Start date
    Jul 8, 2024
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    Jul 14, 2024
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    1x Lesson
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    60 Minutes
api course

API 570 Preparatory Course

In this course we discuss:

  • Corrosion Rates & Inspection Intervals 
  • Weld Joint and Casting Quality Factors 
  • Internal Pressure/ Minimum Thickness of Pipe 
  • Preheating & Heat Treatment Requirements 
  • Pressure Testing/ Impact Testing 
  • Thermal Expansion 
  • Minimum Wall thickness & Working Pressures for Flanges 
  • And MUCH, MUCH, MORE!!!! 


Upon completion of this subject, students will: 

  • Know how to determine Maximum allowable working pressures 
  • Know how to determine Maximum allowable working temperatures 
  • Understand how to choose & verify permissible materials for the construction, alteration, or repair of pressure piping. 
  • Receive all the required training by API’s Body of Knowledge  


70 Total Hours of classroom training are accredited to students after successful completion by demonstration of knowledge by exam. All topics and materials covered in this course areas required by the API Body of knowledge. Students will need to ensure they have downloaded both the effectivity sheet and body of knowledge for the date range in which their exam is scheduled. Students must bring these codes to class with them!  

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  • Caution: Make sure you have scheduled your exam through the API website before you schedule your class as the required body of knowledge may change between course dates. You can find the exam dates and application deadline on the API website . After you have decided on a date, you will need to apply for the exam.
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    API 570 Preparatory Course / 10/07/2024 | API 570 Preparatory
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    Refined Inspection Services, 16760 Hedgecroft Dr. Suite #608, 77060, Houston, TX, United States
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    This course is intended to prepare students for the API 570 Exam. Students who are thinking of taking this course should ensure they meet all the qualification requirements provided on the API website prior to enrollment.

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