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While Radiographic testing is one of the most commonly used inspection methods to determine a material’s internal soundness, there are a various number of factors that the inspector needs to be familiar with in order to decide the correct radiographic technique for the best image. We offer training in each of these techniques to help facilitate the student in their certification process.


Film Interpretation

  • Energy ranges and their effects on film quality
  • Formation of latent images on film
  • Radiographic exposure techniques
  • Application Techniques (filters, multi-film techniques, etc)
  • Indications and defects
  • Reporting & Recording of defects


Upon completion of this subject, students will understand:

  1. How geometry, set-up, and source size affect a radiographic image
  2. Understand the different types of Film and their purposes
  3. Various film techniques and the pros /cons of each
  4. Ability to perform and document examinations per applicable code requirements


Course includes 8hr hands-on training in. These hours incorporate a review of a large number of radiographs covering different manufacturing & welding processes. 40 Total Hours of classroom training are accredited to students after successful completion by demonstration of knowledge by exam. All topics and materials covered in NDE course are as required by ANSI/ASNT CP-105.

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    Our course focuses on all aspects of the evaluation process. This ranges from the type of component under examination (and its common associated defects), To the energy and media selection used to capture the image and its effects on resolution and sensitivity.

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