Have you always wished for an affordable place to practice your NDT skills and earn documented OJT hours?


Well, now there is! We are thrilled to announce that our NDT GYM is now open to the public! Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to hone your skills and advance your career in a supportive, well-equipped environment. Join us at the NDT GYM today!


Welcome to our NDT GYM!!

"Work Out Your Expertise at the NDT GYM – Building Stronger Technicians with Hands-On Training and accredited OJT Hours!"

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We are thrilled to announce that our NDT GYM is now open to the public!

This incredible resource is perfect for:

  • Individuals with classroom training hours but no access to equipment.
  • Those needing a refresher before certification exams.
  • Employees requiring documented retraining.
  • Current Level IIIs wanting to try out modern equipment and compare it to their own.
  •  Individuals needing OJT Hours


Our GYM is available in 2-hour intervals for just $35. Want to book more time and save? Check out these deals:

1 day: $125
1 week: $250
1 month: $500

And if your company could benefit from this amazing resource, ask us about our corporate discounts! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your skills and stay ahead in the industry. Book your time at the NDT GYM today!

  1. Access to modern day NDT equipment.
  2. Training videos illustrating various calibration types, techniques, tips & tricks.
  3. Natural and machined flawed specimens.

Click the link above if you are not a student of Refined. If you are, sign in through your student portal.

Steel Toe boots are a must.

MT & PT will require Gloves and safety glasses that we will supply

Yes, currently we only have our Ultrasonic Stations up and running but we will have our MT, PT, and FIlm Interpretation stations up soon. 

You will have a document provided by us to supply to your employer. 

Yes, but all equipment will need to be verified before you begin and after you are complete.

We do not rent equipment or specimens.

Absolutely! contact us today for more information.

The 2024 edition of SNT-TC-1A permits at least 25% of hands-on application and lab hours, beyond the recommended classroom training hours, to be counted as OJT hours, provided the company's Level III approves.

Depending on the industry and governing code, employers may allow for even more

Refined NDT created a program document (as well as forms) that can be reviewed.

Contact us for more information!!

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Note: It is required for the employers’ level III to review and approve the use of the hours in accordance with their written practice. Refined NDT holds no responsibility for specific training requirements (i.e. equipment, codes, etc.)

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