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Our R.E.A.C.T program is designed for companies who require Level III services to either create and/or maintain their in-house NDT program but may not have a full time Level III on staff.

R: Review & Audit Your Program

E: Evaluate Your Needs

A: Administer or Maintain Your NDT program

C: Provide Consultation to Technical Inquires

T: Train Your Employees

benefits of the asnt level iii R.E.A.C.T Program

The program cost is less than a month's salary as a full-time ASNT Level III inspector.

The average full-time ASNT Level III salary excluding benefits is $133,584 according to PQNDT 2019 Salary Survey.

The REACT program also allows you to choose the course path that provides the most benefit to you:

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Summary of ASNT Level III Program Services

  • Audit of your company NDT programs and make/recommend changes or updates;
  • Review personnel certification program and make/recommend changes;
  • Review and make/recommend revisions to NDT procedures;
  • Review personnel files, update and provide training if necessary;
  • Develop NDT staff;
  • Review all training programs and make/recommend changes;
  • Review NDT exams and rewrite if necessary;
  • Review of all NDT equipment and make recommendations
  • Review & certify NDT Personnel
  • Re-certify personnel requiring re-certification;
  • Interface with management to discuss/recommend improvements to the NDT program;
  • Audit and review all records to insure that they are being kept up;
  • Train personnel in any NDT method or technique needed;
  • Visit NDT personnel in the field to ensure they are meeting client requirements;
  • Interface with your clients as needed to discuss and resolve any problems;
  • Resolve any internal NDT problems;
  • Set up new NDT programs

We understand the difficulty in maintaining qualification summaries, certification records & revisions to NDE procedures due to updated construction codes. Our goal is to provide all program members instant access to an NDT Level III via e-mail or phone & provide responses to inquiries within 24 hours.

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