Welcome to Refined Inspection services, where we offer an affordable and effective approach for ALL your NDT & Third-Party Needs. Whether you’re a manufacturer seeking to develop an In-house program to motivate your employees & retain a higher profit margin or you’re an end user searching for knowledgeable and experience individuals to staff for an upcoming project. We are here to provide prompt and accurate solutions to your needs.
At Refined we believe it’s our diversity of subject matter experts that separates us from our competition.
Our most novice of Inspectors have at least 10 years of practical hands on experience and are familiar with Quality Management Systems (QMS), in-service inspections management systems (meridium, etc.) as well as the different qualification and certification practices and standards (SNT-TC-1A, NAS-410, & CP-189).
So, whether you’re in need of guidance from an API Inspector to evaluate your assets and provide recommendations, seeking an AWS Certified Welding Inspector to provide inspections and approve welding procedures, or maybe your in need of an ASNT Level III to develop an inspection technique for a proprietary component, we are here to help.

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