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Magnetic Particle Testing I & II introduces an inspection method that utilizes electromagnetic currents to detect surface and near surface defects in a variety of manufacturing processes.This method is inherently so readily applied & its results so essential to proving the integrity of structural materials and parts, that it grew in use to a point where it is probably accurate to say it is the most widely used NDT method and is employed on more parts than any other method in use today.
In this course we discuss:
  • History & fundamentals of Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Overview of the various testing applications
  • Various types of equipment
  • Advantages & limitations
  • Indications and defects
  • Recording & Reporting defects

Upon completion of this subject, students will be able to:
  1. Understand different currents, magnetic fields and their influence on detecting defects
  2. The Pros and Cons of the method
  3. Ability to perform and document examinations per applicable code requirements

*Courses include a 8 hr hands-on training. These hours include a Instructor demonstration of both techniques Yoke and Bench both with wet & dry particle applications as well as mock up specific and practical exams given by NDE employers.* 32 Total Hours of classroom training are accredited to students after successful completion by demonstration of knowledge by exam.*All topics and materials covered in NDE course are as required by CP-105 & meet the requirements of SNt-TC-1A & CP-189*
NOTE: Due to the current Pandemic we are limiting our classroom attendance to 6 students.
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