ASNT Level III R.E.A.C.T Program

R: Review & Audit Your Program
E: Evaluate Your Needs
A: Administer or Maintain Your NDT program
C: Provide Consultation to Technical Inquires
T: Train Your Employees


Our R.E.A.C.T program is designed for companies who require Level III services to either create and / or maintain their in-house NDT program but may not have a full time Level III on staff.


Benefits of the program

The typical cost according to PQNDT 2018 Salary Survey for a full time ASNT Level III is $126,821 (not including any company benefits).
The typical cost of this program is usually less than 1 months’ salary of a full time ASNT Level III.

As a member of the REACT Program, you have the option in either allowing one of our subject matter experts to review your written practice and make
recommendations for any changes that may need to be made in order to either maintain or progress toward your business goal. Or develop an NDT “In-house”
written practice specifically tailored to the needs of your organization, while advising you how to maintain it.


          Summary of services available under the program 

  • Audit of your company NDT programs and make/recommend changes or updates;
  • Review personnel certification program and make/recommend changes;
  • Review and make/recommend revisions to NDT procedures;
  • Review personnel files, update and provide training if necessary;
  • Develop NDT staff;
  • Review all training programs and make/recommend changes;
  • Review NDT exams and rewrite if necessary;
  • Review of all NDT equipment and make recommendations
  • Review & certify NDT Personnel
  • Re-certify personnel requiring re-certification;
  • Interface with management to discuss/recommend improvements to the NDT program;
  • Audit and review all records to insure that they are being kept up;
  • Train personnel in any NDT method or technique needed;
  • Visit NDT personnel in the field to ensure they are meeting client requirements;
  • Interface with your clients as needed to discuss and resolve any problems;
  • Resolve any internal NDT problems;
  • Set up new NDT programs


We understand how difficult it is to maintain qualification summaries, certification records, & revisions to NDE procedures due to updated construction codes. As a member of our program
you have instant access to an NDT Level III through the e-mail or via telephone. Our goal is to provide a response to your inquiries within 24 hours.